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Nov 26, 2021

4 ways online counseling may be less stressful than in-person therapy

In-person therapy may be the perfect approach for some children while many may find that online counseling is less stressful. Let’s unpack how online counseling could be a more suitable style of mental health support for kids


Freedom to select a counselor you resonate with: The essence of Peer Collective is rooted in connection. We give you (or your kids) the opportunity to choose who to speak to during your sessions, which is unfortunately not always the case when going to a therapist. All Peer Collective community member’s profiles are available to view. They feature personal insights that’ll help you and your child make a selection based on the traits, characteristics and life-experiences they’ve worked through. Unlike traditional therapy where we may not know who to expect behind an office door, the upfront choice that online counseling presents builds familiarity from the get-to


Talking about real-life feelings is hard. Feeling comfortable in a digital setting isn’t: Online interactions with peers and teachers is something many kids familiarized themselves with as a necessity in the wake of Covid-19. An online session with a Peer Collective counselor can happen in the comfort and familiarity of their home, in their room or any other space where they feel safe. While they may be discussing tricky or difficult topics, they’re surrounded by sensory, auditory and environmental cues that are familiar and grounding. Waiting rooms, anticipatory car rides and other unfamiliar spaces could be distracting or stressful, on the other hand.


Positive associations: This doesn't just apply to a Wi-Fi connection. It also applies to the connections that children make and the associations they have with an online environment at large, because online child counseling may help frame the digital space as one that offers security safety and support framing it in a positive light helps children who may have been affected by bullying or are apprehensive or scared of the digital realm in being a source of positive affirmations and emotional boosting tools. Personal connection: In online counseling, progress is made when a child feels comfortable and safe. A relationship with a Peer Counselor can be slowly built and scaled as trust is earned over time. As they become more comfortable with a counselor, they may choose to have their camera on, to share parts of their homes and lives.


Online counseling is on your terms: For many, counseling may feel like an intimidating and foreign concept. This is exactly why it’s so important to talk to children about mental health issues and the ways they can be treated through different therapies. If they’re able to build emotional resilience and a sense of confidence and autonomy, they’ll be more likely to communicate effectively.

Finally, round-the-clock accessibility matters. It gives a sense of assurance that mental health issues don't need to wait for appointments, bookings or schedules time gaps in order to be addressed. The simple gesture of affording control over how your child experiences their online peer counseling sessions could have a profoundly positive impact.

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