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Feb 3, 2022

Is a counselor able to diagnose you with a mental illness?

Can a counselor diagnose you with mental illness? At Peer Collective, our strength lies in being human experts so the way we see it, a qualified medical opinion should only come from a qualified medical expert. We’ll stay focused on what we do best - offering meaningful human support when it matters.

There’s an important place for both medical and human experts if you’re struggling through the symptoms or side-effects of a mental health condition. So if you’re seeking a diagnosis or just curious about the term “mental illness”, you’re exactly where you should be! Let’s explore the motivations behind those questions and ways our Peer Collective counselors could help guide you toward whatever kind of support it is that you’re after.

What does a mental health diagnosis represent to you?

A diagnosis from a licensed professional can help identify the complexities of mental health, recognize the symptoms and give you clarity through an understanding of treatments available. An official diagnosis plays a valuable role but it’s not a must-have to get help. Perhaps give yourself a little time to consider what exactly it is that you’re looking for and how you could still achieve it, with or without a formal diagnosis.

Don’t let a diagnosis get in the way of getting help

  • If you’re looking for the opportunity to speak freely and have someone listen without judgement, we can help.
  • If you’re for looking for someone who shares your values, experiences, culture and personal experiences, we can help.
  • If you’re looking for immediate and urgent emotional support, we can help.
  • If you want to equip yourself with future-facing mental or emotional coping tools, we can help.

Online screening & support with peer counseling

Peer Collective’s online counseling services cater to everyone. We just ask a few questions to understand your needs and then give you the choice of who to connect with. We’ll meet you at the intersection of a trusted friend and a traditional therapist.

On the practical front, here are a few more benefits:

  • Our sessions are all online so you can get in touch from whatever environment works for you
  • They are confidential, safe spaces to share whatever is weighing on you
  • You have flexibility to plan your own sessions to suit your personal timetable
  • There’ll be no contractual obligations, expectations or judgement

A mental illness diagnosis has nothing to do with the access you deserve to get support and walk toward a state of mental wellness. You certainly don’t need to meet any specific criteria to have to qualify for it, either! If you think connecting with a mindful, empathetic and relatable peer could be what you need right now, book your first free online counseling session now.

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