Can I Deal with Trauma through Peer Counseling?

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Oct 29, 2021

Can I Deal with Trauma through Peer Counseling?

Trauma: an unwelcome guest

Our lives are shaped by our childhood experiences, influenced by our teenage years, and impacted by every moment leading up to this one, right now. This is what makes us unique. Unfortunately some of these experiences are traumatic, and if left unresolved, they can have a lasting impact. Working through that trauma is a way to rekindle your inner strength and a sense of self-empowered living.

People suffering from trauma have experienced something deeply distressing or disturbing - for example; losing someone (or something) you love, surviving an accident or being bullied. Many people make it through these distressing events unscathed but some people can end up suffering from debilitating mental, emotional and physical side effects. For people in this position peer trauma counseling could provide welcome and valuable support.

Despite making it through every one of your worst days…

… It can be exhausting to show resilience and strength for extended periods of time. You don’t need to try to push through every day, pushing your emotional scars to the side each morning, when you’ve got an entire community of peer counselors on your side ready to help. These unique individuals are well-versed in peer trauma counseling and can offer first-hand tips to cope with difficult circumstances. Chatting to a peer counselor can help you rekindle your sense of self, and explore who you are outside of your trauma. You shouldn’t feel like it’s going to define you forever.

Take your time & your peer counselor will make time

Online trauma counseling isn’t intended to replace traditional therapy. Instead, think of it as a flexible, affordable, and always-available addition to your toolbox of coping techniques. Given its flexible model, peer counseling can be specifically valuable to anyone who feels slightly apprehensive in taking a formal step into a doctor’s office or sitting in a psychiatrist’s chair. If you’re grappling with trauma, in whatever form it may be, it’s likely that you’re also feeling vulnerable. Peer Collective understands this and provides a safe space for you to navigate what you’ve gone through and what you’re experiencing in the present. All sessions we offer take place online, according to the timing you set. They are judgment and obligation-free, and you won’t be penalized for last-minute bookings or switching up your schedule.

Your trauma counselor, your choice

Every one of our peer counselors’ profiles is freely accessible right here on our site. So when you’re ready to book a session (or even when you may just be thinking about it), you can explore all the most useful information that’ll help you make a confident selection. Dive into their professional backgrounds and personal experiences, their strengths, coping strategies, hobbies, passions, and pronouns to inform your decision. Each may be unique but you can rest assured that every counselor in our Peer Collective community is selected through the same rigorous vetting process.

Self-compassion takes courage but if you’ve made it to the end of this article, you’ve already shown your bravery and willingness to seek help for your mental health. Take the next small step and book a free trauma counseling session.

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