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Oct 22, 2021

Can Peer Counseling Help My Anxiety?

Anxiety in society

Anxiety is extremely prevalent in society, affecting 40 million adults in the USA.* While many can get through daily activities that make them anxious, this isn’t always the case for those with more serious anxiety disorders.

There are lots of things in life that can cause perceived anxiety but the degree to which they affect us is where the difference lies. What may be a fleeting feeling for some could be a seriously debilitating condition for others. We don’t want you to sit back and accept this reality — peer counseling is a way to unpack and alleviate your anxiety and explore ways to help you manage it.

A deeper dive into anxiety

Anxiety is defined as a “feeling of unease, worry or fear”. It’s often a response to perceived threats or stress (like an upcoming job interview, big presentation, or exam). Experiencing these feelings every once in a while is normal but grappling with anxiety on a daily basis can take a huge toll on your mental health. That’s because anxiety can manifest into feelings of dread, difficulty concentrating, irritability, and feelings of detachment. Panic attacks may also become a crippling aspect of anxiety disorders. While you can’t always anticipate them, you can choose to talk about your anxiety through online peer counseling. These are constructive, empowering one-on-one chats with someone who knows what you’re going through — someone who can shine a supportive light to help you develop mechanisms to manage your anxiety and make panic attacks less frequent.

What will I get out of peer counseling?

You’ll first and foremost get comfort and connection, which is a great start for those battling anxiety. When we’re feeling anxious, leaving the house can sometimes feel like a daunting prospect. With peer counseling, you can stay in the safety and comfort of your own home and still access the support you deserve. All these sessions take place online. You set the pace, you decide your schedule and you get to select a peer counselor that you resonate with most. Everything about these sessions is to put you back into a position of power. It all starts with a simple connection.

We take your sessions seriously

The Peer Collective community is made up of individuals who aren’t afraid to share their stories, strengths, and struggles. Each of these trained and trusted empaths can offer you a safe space to talk about your anxiety. If you’re ready to take action, they can also offer coping mechanisms or practical tools and techniques stemming from their own personal experiences. We put the power in your hands to make a decision about how you benefit and treat these sessions.

Peer counseling: Addressing anxiety one chat at a time

Remember, this is not a replacement for traditional therapy. It’s an accessible, affordable, and authentic opportunity to talk about your anxiety. Only you can decide what’s best for you, so why not book a free session with a Peer Collective counselor to see how you feel? No obligations, no fine print, and no reason not to put yourself and your mental health first.


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