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Sep 10, 2021

How can peer counseling help my mental health?

Mental health isn’t one of those things that sits high on life's priority list. Especially when compared to physical health (or with those who opt for the good ol’ out of sight, out of mind mindset. The truth is, if these ‘invisible’ symptoms are left unchecked, they could manifest into physical pain that could hurt way more than a torn muscle.

“Mental health” is a collective term for emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing. Together, they affect how we think, feel, and act. If you're reading this article, it’s likely that “something” is bothering you – even if it’s challenging to put into words. But that's why you're here, and that’s why we’re here, too. Ready to get support in making sense of those feelings? Let’s do it.

Mental health & peer counseling: What’s the connection?

Right off the bat, it's essential to know that peer counseling is an alternative to traditional therapy, not necessarily a replacement. No diagnoses are made, and no medication is prescribed. Our community of peer counselors are selected through a meticulous evaluation process. This onboarding prioritises qualities that’ll help them help you best; with emphasis in active listening, empathy and the ability or experience to provide practical coping mechanisms that you can use in real-life situations.

Let’s talk benefits

Peer counselors are your equal in all respects. You can be reassured you’re in a safe space, with the unmitigated opportunity to talk about whatever is bothering you. However much, or little. However long. Or short. You be you, and rely on a peer counselor to help you be the best version of yourself. Benefits of peer counseling are an increased level of self‐understanding, self-compassion, easy engagement and a sense of being emotionally empowered. Let’s take a look at why choice, affordability and accessibility are just as beneficial.

1. Peer Collective gives you choice

Everything you experience in life (good or bad) begins with a choice. With peer counseling, you choose a counselor who resonates with you. By simply talking to each other, you’ll find a degree of social connectedness from sharing personal, relatable stories. The mutual exchange of strategies to cope with the everyday challenges of living with a mental illness is also an important aspect of peer-to-peer interaction.

2. Peer counseling is affordable

Ah, money. A topic that’s stressful enough as is but even more so when it becomes a barrier preventing people from addressing their mental health (cause let’s be honest, sometimes traditional therapy is prohibitively expensive). Peer counselling costs much less than therapy. The whole idea is that it’s accessible to anybody. You’re also not bound to contracts and long-term obligations.

3. Peer counselors are always available

When did you last schedule a mental breakdown? Or slot in an hour for a devastating dip in dopamine? That’s not how life works and we get it. With traditional therapists, you typically need to book a consultation in advance and may have to accept a time that is not ideal for you. On the other hand, peer counselors are readily available and offer flexible time slots so you can schedule a consultation at a date and time that suits you best. And you can do it all online, from your couch, or your bed. Or even your bathtub! You can book recurring sessions or just test the waters for a single session (not the bath waters, we’ll leave that with you!)

If peer counseling is step 1, what’s step 2?

Our empathetic counselors provide numerous practical coping mechanisms, but they also know when support from other medical professionals may be needed. So if living your best life and managing or alleviating particular challenges you’re facing means giving a nudge in that direction, you best believe that’s what they’ll do.

We’re committed to helping build valuable strategies to help you deal with real-world situations. Delivered in intimate, casual one-on-ones, by interesting, humans that have been through similar situations. So if you’re ready to find someone to listen, we’re all ears.

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