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Sep 20, 2021

Take care of your mental health through peer counselling

Just because a broken heart doesn’t show on an x-ray, it doesn't mean it hurts any less than a broken arm. The same could be said about mental health. It’s invisible, often dismissed or misunderstood (leaving us feeling exactly the same). It’s a tricky topic to tackle but we’re so glad you’re choosing to be right here. Right now.

You are your most valuable asset

You skimmed over that heading, didn’t you? Read it again, let that truth sink in. Peer counseling can guide you toward skills, tools and coping mechanisms that’ll help looking after what’s most important. You and your mental health.

The world can feel like a scary, chaotic place all a lot of the time. Add a dose of pandemic panic, mass production, mounting landfills and let’s not even start on daily depressing news stories. The world’s more virtually connected than ever but real authentic human connections are what’ll really help address the feeling of isolation a lot of us are feeling.

So, what’s the definition of mental health?

While doctor-approved dictionary definitions matter, for now let’s not box in something so inherently personal. Rather, we’ll unpack it so it makes simple, relatable sense.

You see, life’s curveballs manifest differently (and often by surprise) for all of us. Our challenges are molded by our personal life experiences. Some come and go in waves, a life event may trigger mental health complications in others or it could even be a symptom of a chronic condition. This is where a ideally matched peer counselor comes in.

What’s a mental health peer counselor?

Most importantly, they’re human. Flawed, vulnerable, boldly brave humans. Just like you. They are selected through a rigorous vetting process that prioritizes qualities like empathy and compassion along with practical skills like convo style.

You know you best, so you choose a peer counselor that is the best fit for you. These “simple”, candid conversations could evolve into opportunities for growth and to build emotional resilience in the face of a crisis, unpack overwhelming anxiety or hone anger management skills. You set your own agenda and your own pace for these support-centric sessions, which can all happen safely online.

Mental health services? Oof, sounds pricey.

It’s not. No formalities. No obligations. No need for a specifically diagnosed “mental health condition” but absolutely no worries if you have been diagnosed with one either. Sessions are designed to be accessible, flexible and affordable.

Want to wear your PJs? Do it. Do some watercolours while ugly crying? Great. Got the urge to drop a few f-bombs? Sure, why the fuck not? Come as you are. You’re not weak for reaching out. In fact, you’re one of the brave ones.

Will peer counseling really improve my mental health?

Let’s get one thing clear. You don’t need to be fixed. Because you are not broken. It’s an ongoing investment in your most valuable asset. Allowing yourself the space, freedom and opportunity to discuss what’s on your mind can have lasting benefits on your mental health. Don’t take our word for it; set up a free peer counselling session to see for yourself.

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