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Nov 19, 2021

Considering peer counseling for anger issues

When we think of “anger”, the first things that spring to mind are sudden outbursts or a negative reaction to a specific event that fades shortly after. However, there are some forms of anger that are more aggressive and volatile, and difficult to control. Peer counseling for anger management is a route that has been successful for many when coping with these types of issues.

The different types of anger

  • Behavioral anger: One of the most destructive forms of anger that causes heightened levels of distress in individuals and those around them.
  • Chronic anger: One of the most unfortunate variations of anger that sees an individual experiencing ongoing feelings of resentment towards other people, scenarios, and one’s self.
  • Passive-aggressive anger: Passive-aggressive people avoid confrontation. Although there often isn’t a specific event or outburst as a result of the anger, passive-aggressive people will repress their anger which can do significant damage.
  • Shame-based forms of anger: These involve feelings of anger towards the self, resulting in self-abuse and internalized negative feelings

Identifying a problem

It can be difficult to look at yourself from the outside and identify whether your anger is really an issue. However, if you start to notice that your behavior is negatively impacting the people around you, or that your repressed anger is manifesting in unhealthy personal habits, then it may be time to seek guidance. Peer counseling for anger management is a great starting point that could lead you to a place of peace and give you a sense of more control.

What’s the impact of anger?

Keeping your anger tame is not easy, and we understand that. Hearing people tell you that you need to practice anger management may make you angry in itself. Additionally, unresolved feelings of anger can have a huge impact on your wellbeing, often presenting as things like:

  • Clouded thinking
  • Depression elevated levels of stress
  • A feeling of isolation or social anxiety
  • Unhealthy sleeping, eating or social habits

Finding constructive ways to cope with your anger will prevent a further draining of your mental energy and maintain relationships with your loved ones, colleagues and friends.

Regaining control of your anger with peer counseling

You deserve to feel confident and in control regardless of where you are and who you’re surrounded by. Peer counseling will help you identify what triggers your anger and what the root cause is. It’s a long-term investment in yourself that will see you gain more and more control over your emotions.

If you feel like you are harboring feelings of bitterness and anger that are now permeating all aspects of your everyday life, Peer Collective is here to help. You are welcome to choose a peer counselor who has first-hand experience and expertise in dealing with anger management. If you’re not convinced, why not give it a try? Your first session is on us!

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