How Mental Health Affects Society & Your Peers?

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Dec 29, 2021

How does mental health affect society and your peers?

It’s hard struggling with a mental health disorder. Whether it's you who’s going through it, or someone you love, a mental illness often has an effect on those around you and can also impact your social environment. That doesn’t make it wrong, it just makes it all the more important to talk about the effects of mental wellness so we understand it better.

Here at Peer Collective, we believe in exactly that. Emotional support shouldn’t be a luxury and it certainly shouldn’t be stigmatized like it is. By offering guidance, support and empathetic online counselling to anyone experiencing anxiety, depression, the impact of trauma or even anger management issues - we’re able to have a positive influence in individual lives and society on a whole. After all, we’re all in this life together aren’t we?

Mental Health & Relationships

When we’re in the midst of a mental health struggle, we so often become disconnected from ourselves and those around us. We stop reaching out. Maybe because we’re scared or we don’t have the emotional capacity to put in the effort it requires? Perhaps we feel guilty or afraid of discriminationt?

Even if we are lucky enough to have parents, peers, partners or teachers who may want to help, they often can’t offer the emotional intelligence, perspective or distance to do it effectively. Medical professionals may also be an incredibly important aspect of many people’s recovery or healing journey, but that doesn’t mean they’re able to truly connect to us and give us the ear we need, when we need it.

There’s a pretty apt phrase that sums this up well, “communication is silent chaos until it’s comprehension”. That’s why it’s valuable to have someone by your side who’s walked in your shoes to hear you out and help you find solutions that’ll work for you.

Mental Health & Society

Nurturing connections is a way to help so much more than just individuals and individual relationships. On a larger societal scale, more accessible emotional support can help to reduce the corrosive impact of neglected mental health symptoms on poverty levels, scholar and employer productivity, our criminal justice and healthcare systems and the disruption of families and communities.

Mental Health & You

Peer Collective offers online counseling that helps you regain control over your mental health and your quality of life. In kids, this could help improve cognitive development and self-awareness, and for all ages, it can help build self-esteem, encourage a shift in focus to positives like coping strategies and other preventative behaviour.

As an affordable and round-the-clock available alternative to therapy, peer counseling can have a ripple effect on society and your peers. Most importantly, it can help you regain you footing. And who knows, you could end up being an inspiration to someone else?

Start by giving yourself credit for how far you’ve already come, and when you feel you’re ready for a supportive intervention, we’ll help you find a counselor who’ll be exactly that.

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