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Sep 29, 2021

How can peer counseling help a friend in a crisis?

It’s incredibly tough to see someone you care about in a state of distress. And it’s even harder when you feel like there’s not a lot you can do to help them. Yet here you are. Just showing a willingness to support a friend in crisis shows you’re already helping. You can help them even more with a gentle nudge in the direction of a peer counselor who could give them a healthy outlet to talk through the challenges they’re facing.

What’s online crisis counseling?

There’s no single cookie-cutter mold that defines what a “typical” crisis should look, sound or even feel like. It doesn’t have a predictable timeline or consistent triggers. But in every one of these intense and often sudden experiences, there seems to be one common denominator. Chaos.

Peer counseling is a proactive coping mechanism to help navigate this internal chaos. A way to build an armor of resilience. It won’t make a crisis disappear or encourage you to ignore the distress it’s causing. It’s much more powerful than that, because it helps to face what feels like an insurmountable challenge, in spite of all that makes it challenging.

Peer counseling skills: Experience & authenticity

If a friend or someone you care for is going through a crisis, you can’t be expected to relate to exactly what they're feeling, which is ok. The reassuring thing about Peer Collective, is that we’re made up of an army of empaths, all with entirely different backgrounds and experiences. Many who’ve also faced (and conquered) their own crises. They tap into their own lived experiences to help others find a way through dark moments; whether they’re fleeting or not. Our community of counselors volunteer personal details and insights that give a candid and clear view of who they are and how they can show up as a pillar of support. With readily available profiles to read over, finding the best match is easier and based on what matters. The things that make them human.

Won’t peer counseling add even more pressure?

Talking to a peer counselor during a crisis could help anyone who’s facing an immediate and sudden reality that’s left them feeling vulnerable or robbed of control. It’s done on their terms, at their pace. Online sessions are structured according to a timeframe and frequency that works for them. Online and accessible, these conversations offer human connection in a safe space, to share anything. Or everything. Support sessions with a counselor from our Peer Collective community offer:

  • Connection to a calm, relatable and patient listener
  • Belonging and acceptance (judgement is not on our guestlist)
  • Accessibility, flexible and intuitive online platform

So after peer counseling, what’s next?

Coping through a crisis is a big deal but sometimes ongoing support is needed, even after the worst is over. Our empathetic peer counselors know to read the room. They also know when to open a door that could lead to a room that’s even better. So while their superpowers may be focused on human connections, they never assume they can do it all. A connection through Peer Collective could be a gentle doorway to healthcare professionals, resources or specialist services that’ll be the next step in a journey of self-care.

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