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Oct 10, 2021

Are you depressed? Peer counseling can help

Depression. A small word, with big impact. It affects how we feel, think and even, how we behave. Depression could lead to emotional and physical problems ‘cause it has a sneaky way of making us feel purposeless, and this makes it tricky to perform regular daily activities. But it doesn’t have to (and with the right help, it won’t stand a chance!)

Take a second to consider this; you’ve shown exceptional bravery just by making a conscious choice to seek help from a peer counselor. That’s an incredible achievement.

So, what exactly is depression?

Depression is different from sadness and grief. It’s critical we make that clear. Sadness and grief are natural responses to negative emotional experiences, like losing a loved one or going through a difficult breakup. Depression, on the other hand, often shows up without a trigger and with a force that’s stronger and often more debilitating than these natural emotions or regular responses.

Can I treat my depression with peer counseling?

Depression is typically treated through medication. For many people, this works. Others may feel uncomfortable with body-chemistry-changing-methods and some are just looking to explore a first step before they go the medication route. Say hello to an alternative: Peer counseling.

The fear of prejudice is very real (and it only exacerbates depression) so the good news is that prejudice doesn’t exist with peer counseling. You and your self-chosen counselor are totally equal. This practice is rooted in tackling underlying emotions through active listening, and judgement isn’t welcome or tolerated in these safe spaces. Trained counselors show understanding and empathy to help build resilience and practical coping mechanisms.

The simple act of having a conversation can be mutually beneficial. This is no teacher-student relationship or you-vs-them vibe. Your shared experiences may even provide a heightened perspective for your counselor! Peer support has the power to address isolation, tackle shame and encourage an exchange of health and self-management knowledge. It’s got the potential to be an empowering catalyst of active self-care. And maybe that’s exactly what you deserve?

Depression doesn’t stick to a diary

This is one of the main frustrations with traditional therapists. They usually have limited availability. Often appointments need to be booked months in advance. The reality is that depression doesn’t do time slots. But when it hits, we need support fast and we need it to be available like, right now. A peer counselor can advise you about depression coping tactics, and give you the opportunity to address your emotions according to your schedule.

Transparent, affordable and no fine print

The restrictions of the pandemic have tightened many purse strings and turned us into necessity-first-spenders. In this economy, sessions with a licensed therapist could simply be too expensive (that’s IF you can get a consultation without them requiring a referral from another medical practitioner).

Peer counseling is affordable, and anyone qualifies. Peer counselors don't diagnose or prescribe medication. Their role is to provide you with a safe space to let go and offload. You also have the peace of mind that at Peer Collective, we’re big on transparency. There is no fine print. We are here to provide you with judgment-free counseling that emphasizes connection on a human level.

What happens after peer counseling?

Our compassionate peer counselors are stellar humans, equipped to share practical coping mechanisms and a listening ear. Sometimes managing depression requires more than that, and they’ll gladly guide you to seek support from other medical professionals if that’s what’s best for you. You see, the Peer Collective community is here to strengthen human connections and give you a boost to take the first fulfilling steps on a journey to conquering depression. Ready to get started?

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