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Oct 18, 2021

Experiencing side effects after a traumatic event? Here’s how to cope

A traumatic event isn’t one of those things that’s easy to “just get over”. There’s a reason the dictionary refers to trauma as “deeply disturbing”. ‘Cause it is. During our lives, we all face traumatic situations. Whether physical, psychological or social - the fact is that trauma rears a different head for everyone. Something it does have in common? It can feel debilitating. Make you feel helpless. Maybe even vulnerable? Trauma counseling could help.

Trauma peer counseling: Let’s unpack it

Think of peer counseling as a metaphorically, always-on safe space to spill the beans of emotion. Whatever that looks like to you. It’s an open invite to talk to someone who’s been in your shoes. Seriously. You can literally search and find someone who’s been through something similar (or able to relate) to your personal situation.

The Peer Collective community is made up of individuals who may have gone through an experience just like yours. This kind of counseling isn’t as formal as it sounds. It’s not designated according to some little box like. If it’s traumatic to you, it’s trauma. It could manifest from:

  • A traffic collision
  • Childbirth complications
  • Life-threatening illness
  • Losing a loved-one suddenly
  • Natural disasters

Is peer counseling an effective coping mechanism?

Having a solid circle of support matters. Think of a peer counselor as part of that. Surrounding yourself with people you love and trust could help your healing process, especially when they can relate to what you've gone through.

You can talk candidly to a peer counselor about a traumatic event without judgement, guilt or shame. An honest conversation is a healthy way to cope with your feelings and who knows, you may even both learn a little something about coping techniques to apply in your day-to-day!

What’s the catch? Is it expensive or exclusive?

No and no. Peer counseling is for anyone, and it’s been designed to be affordable to add less pressure on your pocket than traditional therapy sessions. You’ll also have complete flexibility to schedule appointments that suit your schedule and do them all online. Whether it’s in the comfort of your dressing gown at home, over your lunch break or from a park bench! Your sessions. Your call.

Peer counseling is a choice. Your choice.

If you choose to explore a session you’ll also see that you choose your counselor from our community of counselors. You can browse their profiles which are all freely available on the Peer Collective platform. Don’t feel obliged to stick to one person, this is your choice! And you can choose who, when and why you want to engage. We’ll be here to walk and talk you through all of it.

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