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Dec 15, 2021

Can peer support help prevent mental health issues?

Peer support has potential to do so much more than just help prevent mental health issues. Instead of having the sole purpose of keeping out “the bad”, how about looking at the practice of peer therapy as a way of cultivating “the good”?

What we’re really talking about is the lasting impact a conscious investment in mental wellbeing can have in enriching your life. Online peer support is a good opportunity to prevent mental health issues but we encourage you to see it as an even better opportunity for positives, such as:

  • Empathy & emotional resilience
  • Better communication skills
  • Self-compassion & self-awareness
  • Coping skills & confidence

Simply nurturing these positive behavioral patterns may be a form of prevention all together. Let’s explore how support from a Peer Collective counselor can help you foster “the good” you already inherently possess and help you take back control of your mental health.

Peer support is: A sounding board

A peer counseling session is a forum to unpack tangled, complex thoughts and arrange them in a way that makes sense. Sometimes just saying things out loud can make them lose their power and seem less scary. Having an understanding and empathic sounding board prevents rumination and internalization.

Peer support is: A way to get perspective

Your peer counselor can offer first-hand insights and a personal perspective of their own journey. Hearing someone else’s take on a challenge you’re also experiencing may help you see it in a different light, feel less alone and maybe help you shift your own perspective. Developing a well-rounded understanding of what’s on your mind and coping mechanisms can prevent things from spiralling out of control.

Peer support is: A doorway to growth & connection

Matching with the right, relevant and relatable pillar of support is what’ll help you get the most out of your online counseling sessions. Starting with 6 quick questions, we’ll be able to help you find someone who’s ideally suited to what you’re looking for. You review their profile, you take your pick. Every session is a step forward on your mental health journey and along the way you’ll learn skills, techniques and tools to help you grow. Online peer support can be proactive, reactive, preventative or once-off. Your journey. Your call.

Peer support is: An affordable alternative to therapy

Human connection may be at the core of what we offer but coming in at a close second is accessibility and affordability. We encourage you to think of online sessions with a counselor from Peer Collective as an alternative to therapy, not a replacement. We can’t schedule our mental health ups and downs, and that’s why we give you always-on access to online help when you need it. The last thing anyone needs is financial pressure getting in the way of getting on top of our mental health, so sessions are between $14 - $28 and there’s no obligation to commit or sign up in advance.

Peer support is: Just 4 steps away

Call it self-care or self-compassion, call it self-help or even call it eudemonia like wise ol’ Aristotle did. Whatever you call it, make sure you seek peer support for yourself first and foremost. Ready? 4 steps is all it takes to start your first free Peer Collective counseling session.

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