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Dec 10, 2021

Peer Counseling may reach teens in ways adults can’t

As an adult, connecting with teens can seem tricky at the best of times. These types of connection “lapses” could be caused by a combo of things; from mismatched social dynamics to a clash of communication styles, opinions, beliefs and a lot of the time, trust. This is totally normal.

A good time to reach out is if you notice you or your teen’s physical or mental health starts to take a knock. Repressed emotions, internalised trauma, PTSD and even a really harcore end-of-semester test can manifest physically or contribute to mental fog or chaotic thought-patterns. Perhaps teenagers could benefit from having an external outlet to figure out a few things and tap back into their potential? This is where online teen counseling comes in.

Peer Collective: Shifting sympathy to empathy

There are a few key differences between empathy and sympathy but to help unpack why we see it as the essence of all human connection, here’s a simple comparison:

  • Sympathy is generally the observation or recognition of someone else’s pain from your perspective
  • Empathy is a shared understanding and innate resonance with your pain (whether by a shared first-hand experience or specialised skills training)

What makes peer counseling different?

First things first: Peer counseling isn’t intended to be a replacement for traditional therapy or any other clinically prescribed treatment plans. It’s a restorative way to bolster any mental health journey and connect directly with people who really, really get you. While we’re experts who know how to counsel teens, we’ll also gladly refer you to a medical health expert if that’s the best next step for you.

At Peer Collective, we’re a community of humans who’ve also gone through very human, relatable situations and challenges. These range from simple frustrations in class or in traffic to loss of life, physical devastation and abuse. Each of our Peer Collective counselors’ lives have been moulded through their personal journey. They boldly embrace their roles as empathic confidants and frame their sessions as a way to share insightful anecdotes about their lives, in the hopes that it may help you or your teen better theirs.

Peer online counseling vs chat with an adult?

Some teens battle to connect to the adults - aka parents, teachers, mentors, guardians - in their lives. They’re often perceived as figures of authority and control, making them a bit harder to trust and perhaps too “close to home” to offer bias-free input. Trust is paramount when intimate personal details get discussed. We see its knock-on effect as a bit like this: **No trust = no connection = no progress. **

A good counselor match can dramatically improve outcomes

Having a confidential online forum for authentic expression is character building and empowering. It boosts resilience, self-compassion and entrenches better behavioural patterns. Consciously selecting their best counselor match is a first step on the journey to more independence, responsibility and self-understanding. Ready? Set up your first FREE Peer Counseling session.

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