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Feb 9, 2022

How to support someone with depression: Identifying the signs

If you don’t suffer from depression yourself, it’s difficult to resonate with the symptoms of someone who does. If you're aware of what signs to look for in someone, you'll be able to identify and support them. Here are a few behaviours often synonymous with depression:

  • Prolonged feelings of sadness
  • Unwillingness or lack of enthusiasm for usual activities
  • Loss, gain, or unusual change in appetite
  • Low levels of productivity and extreme fatigue
  • Lack of self-care, hygiene or overall health

If their out-of-character symptoms become frequent and more obvious, it can be hard to witness. Maybe i it’s time for you to step in and give your loved one the support they need and deserve? Often, an individual with depression will appreciate the acknowledgment, your concern for their mental health and most of all, the help to get through this difficult period.

Online advice from a peer counselor

Connecting with a Peer Collective counselor online may help you put together a plan of action to approach the mental health and depressive episode your friend or partner is going through.

Our peer counselors are seasoned, trained, and compassionate people who are familiar with a wide variety of mental health disorders. Some of them have experienced disorders themselves, and will know the gentlest way to initiate a conversation with your loved one or dive into one with you. Gaining insight into the experience will put you in a confident and compelling position to recommend online peer counseling for depression to someone else.

Suggesting peer counseling to your friend or partner

Remember that there’s only so much you’re able to do yourself. Once you’ve identified the tell-tale signs of depression and offered your support, it may be necessary to suggest online peer counseling so your friend or partner gets an objective perspective on their current state of mind. They can choose the counselor they resonate with most and they can go through the process at their own pace.

How do I support my depressed girlfriend, boyfriend, or friend?

Be there. Be present. Listen to them when they need an ear. Hug them when they need comfort. Check in on them and let them know that you’re available when they’re ready to talk about how they’re feeling. Acknowledge their feelings and create a sense of security if possible — individuals with depression are highly vulnerable to the world and it’s often-nasty elements so they’ll be affected differently to others.

We encourage you not to force them to “open up” to you (or get frustrated with them when they don’t). Consider how fragile they are and approach the topic with as much patience as you’re able. Walks together, going to see a movie, or seeing a peer counselor for their depression so that they get the help they need are some helpful suggestions. Perhaps even offer to join them for a few peer counseling sessions in case they’re anxious about the process. After all, you know them best so the most important thing is that they don’t feel alone.

Alleviate the impact depression may be having on your life or the life of someone you love. Find the support you deserve with your free first 30-minute session with a peer counselor.

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