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Nov 19, 2021

Why it's important to talk about depression through peer counseling

Many see depression as shrouded in stigma so they keep it to themselves. We see it as a natural human reaction to a lot of what the world throws at us. Emotionally, physically or even psychologically. The good news is that we’re here to support you in finding an effective and empowering outlet to talk about your depression. The even better news is that you’re here and willing to hear about it.

What exactly is depression?

First, let’s establish an important difference between two mental health conditions that are more than often inherently connected but not quite the same; anxiety and depression.


is your brain reacting to certain emotions, situations or even objects - typically characterised by thoughts of excessive worry and a nagging feeling that something is going (or will go) wrong. Life’s got loads of stressors that can cause us to feel anxious.


isn’t easy to define but in it’s simplest terms it could be explained as a feeling of sadness or general hopelessness that seems to set in for long periods of time. Depending on its severity, it has the unfortunate potential to affect our general mental and physical health, self-esteem, relationships and even routines. It can be treated and with the right support structure, it can be overcome.

Heard of online counseling for depression?

Depression is a very personal, emotional experience. It's unpredictable and many of us may have different triggers, so there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to the “right” treatment. Peer-to-peer connections or online conversations with a counselor can help you to identify and work through your issues. That’s what peer counseling for depression is all about. It’s a proactive alternative to traditional therapy - no prescriptions, diagnosis or doctors involved. Those are things that may be equally important to your personal journey, which is why peer counseling could be the perfect supplement.

Listening skills & learning to cope

At Peer Collective, we have a community of counselors who have different interests, ages, skills, beliefs, pronouns and personal preferences. They may be a diverse group but we selected each and every one of them because they share a common ability to empathise. All our peer counselors are trained in active listening and practical problem-solving methods tailored to coping mechanisms for mental health. They’re able to lean into their first-hand experiences and offer personal insights into dealing with depression.

An affordable & accessible avenue to talk about depression

Call it a chat, a session or a consultation, every time you interact with a peer counselor you do it on your terms. Not only do you get to choose which peer counselor you resonate with most, but you can also choose how often you’d like to engage with them. Another added comfort for those who aren’t really up for leaving the house (or even your bed) is that all of these sessions happen online. From anywhere. So grab a blanket and get comfortable.

The Peer Collective community offers authenticity and confidentiality that’s judgement and obligation free. If you’re interested in finding a human connection, why not take a bold step toward self-compassion and book a free peer counseling session. We’re all ears, and we’ll be here whenever you’re ready.

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