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Oct 29, 2021

Teenage Anger Issues? Peer Counseling Can Help

Teen anger issues? Peer counseling can help

It’s not unusual for rifts to form between teenagers and their parents. They’re often on your back about your schoolwork or about cleaning your room, and don’t even mention how annoying siblings can be. Self-expression during teenage years is a huge part of self-development but pent-up anger caused by bad communication can be an even bigger handbrake. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you want to break down those emotional barriers and work through any anger issues, peer counseling can help.

Types of anger management issues

There’s no list of specific causes of anger as everyone is unique and our individual way of thinking is influenced by family, environmental, cultural, and societal factors. To add insult to injury, your hormones are running a riot in your body and you don’t know how to control them. This can feel incredibly isolating and scary. Acknowledging the volatility of our teenage years and approaching them delicately begins with addressing one key thing: communication.

Communication is the root cause of a lot of anger issues and anger management counseling is a healthy way to get started in coping with them! If we don’t feel heard or don’t know how to express ourselves we feel like we’ve been separated from society and those around us, and our natural response is to go into defense mode. This is when you completely shut down and build up a wall, making it difficult to let other people in, further advancing your perceived outcast status.

Peer counseling will help you dismantle this wall, one brick at a time. You have so many contributions still to make to the world and we’ll help you tackle the things holding you back.

So, what’s different about peer counseling?

  • It’s online and accessible anytime
  • You choose who you speak to and can pick a new counselor at any time
  • It’s affordable and there are no contracts to tie you down
  • You can cancel anytime
  • You don’t have to book in advance (unless you want to)
  • It’s 100% confidential
  • There’s no agenda or referrals needed

It’s not a replacement for traditional therapy

The idea behind peer counseling for anger management is to provide an opportunity to work through your concerns on a human level. The “peer” part of it is what sets it apart: you’re able to talk without judgment because the counselor you choose is not listening to diagnose you with a medical condition or to prescribe medication. They’re there to listen and empathize because they’ve been where you have. All of our peer counselors are selected because they live up to our high standards of emotional intelligence and empathy, and they are interesting people who’ve got real-life experiences they’re willing to share. Their profiles unpack details that’ll make it easy to understand whether they’re the right fit for you. To illustrate this, we have:

  • Gender non-binary peer counselors you can talk to if you’re confused about your gender identity
  • Counselors who might share your religion, who can help you grapple with any conflicting religious beliefs in a new high school setting
  • Counselors who have overcome the impact of bullying
  • Counselors who are knowledgeable about abusive or pressurizing relationships

We know this can feel overwhelming — all we want is for you to have the support you deserve. You can book a free peer counseling session so that you can see if this is the right fit for you.

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Oct 29, 2021

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