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Connect with our crisis counselors for an easy & accessible counseling experience. Let us help you cope with everyday life and sign up for crisis counseling.

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Crisis counseling is generally short-term

Connect with our peer counselors for an easy & accessible counseling experience. We’re here for you, whether it’s everyday life issues or you’re in crisis.

Crisis counseling is about helping people who are in severe distress, regardless of the reason. People who are in crisis need a real human being with high levels of empathy and emotional intelligence to help them cope - and often need support connecting to other services such as healthcare professionals.

If you are in a state of crisis, our aim is not only to help you relieve your immediate anxiety but also try and equip you with tools to help you avoid reaching a similar point in the future.


Benefits of online counseling for Crisis Management

Our Peer Counselors have been trained to deal with crises. Many of them have been there themselves and come out the other side.

Many people in crisis are looking for connection with another human being. Being able to relate what is happening and how it’s affecting you is an integral part of the process. Peer Counselors can use their lived experience to help you find your way through this.

Our Peer Counselors can listen, empathise and connect you to other sources of help that will enable you to deal with your crisis.


We're here to help find a peer counselor that really gets you - all of you.

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