We believe emotional support is basic

We’d put it right up there with food, shelter and clothing. In fact, we believe in the radical notion that emotional support shouldn’t be a luxury afforded to only the few. It shouldn’t be stigmatized. It shouldn’t be anything other than what it is—a basic human need.

(And you know, we’re totally ok with being basic.)


Let’s get scientific for a minute

Here’s a fun fact. Research shows that the best counselors aren’t the best because of the number of degrees they have hanging on the wall. They’re the best because they have an exceptional ability to be warm, empathetic and understanding when someone is in emotional distress.

(That doesn’t mean that they don’t also have a bunch of degrees hanging on their walls.)


Our Roots

Peer Collective was founded by Tim Desmond, best-selling author of "How to Stay Human in a F*cked Up World", and Distinguished Faculty Scholar in Counseling Psychology at Antioch University. Tim collaborated with some of the most renowned psychologists in the world to develop the Peer Collective model. And here’s where it gets cool — the platform is based on the knowledge that attention from a caring human being is the single most important factor in creating positive mental health outcomes.

(Going back to that science part up there.)


Who you’ll meet

As we mentioned, being able to develop a technology that allows us to accurately measure which types of people will be amazingly empathetic to your needs is the key factor that sets Peer Collective apart. All Peer Collective peer counselors must score in the top 3% as well as pass a series of rigorous tests before being accepted to the platform.

(This means you have a good chance of meeting someone you vibe with.)


Plus, we give a…

Wishing and hoping certainly isn’t going to make the world a better place. And we’re not here to get political on you. But we do want to say that we are actively growing the caring economy by providing exceptional people with the ability to make a living wage while helping others. We believe that improving our society’s mental health can contribute toward a more sustainable and just world.

(More justice = more peace.)

Peer Collective


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