Benefits of counseling

Awareness and tools can make the world of difference when taking on challenges. Our Peer Counselors can help you get your footing and continue on your path.


Focus on the present moment

We live in a world that is full of input and content coming at us from every direction. It can be difficult to get space from all the reactive elements in our worlds and especially on our screens.

Bringing our attention to the present moment, taking a deep breath, and realizing the choices we have in each and every moment - in this moment right now - does wonders to improve our mental health.


Filter out the noise

Whether you have an already established personal practice for bringing more awareness into your life, or you're completely new to this concept, our peer counselors know how to meet you where you are at.

There are so many resources available to support you in your own personal journey, we help you filter out the noise and take the next step that's right for you.


Meaningful human support

Unlike other tech platforms, our goal is not to get you addicted to our technology. We're here to provide you meaningful human support on your own terms, when you want it.

Welcome to Peer Collective, a community designed by humans for humans, because we're all in this life together and we all benefit from caring support along the journey.


We're here to help find a peer counselor that really gets you - all of you.

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